Talk. They Hear You. Substance Use Prevention

Discussion Starter Video

Use the “Talk. They Hear You.” Discussion Starter Video to start the conversation about underage drinking prevention in your community.

The four-minute “Talk. They Hear You.” ® Discussion Starter Video was developed for use in a community setting to showcase a variety of situations where parents and caregivers could have a conversation about alcohol with their children. 

Use the "Talk. They Hear You.”® Discussion Starter Guide (PDF | 1692 KB) for tips on how community members and leaders can share the video and help inspire adults to play a greater role in underage drinking prevention. The guide offers ways the video can be used to promote dialogue within different timeframes and settings, including: 

  • Community town hall events 
  • Maturation or graduation ceremonies
  • Parent-teacher back-to-school/open house nights 
  • PTA meetings
  • Train-the-trainer counselor or caregiver programs 

Father looking at son in a car. Talk. They hear you discussion starter video guide.

Discussion Starter Video Guide:

Talk.  They Hear You. Discussion Starter Video

"Discussion Starter": 4:58

Last Updated: 01/18/2018