Talk. They Hear You. Underage Drinking Prevention

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Check out the "Talk. They Hear You." print, radio, and TV PSAs. Download and use them in your underage drinking prevention efforts.

Radio PSAs
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Web Banners and Buttons

Download all PSAs except for "Heading Out with Friends" and "The Big Sleepover" (ZIP | 290 MB)

For broadcast quality or other requests related to placing the PSAs, email Robert Vincent at

Radio PSAs

Download "Keeping Our Kids Safe" radio files:

Download "Reminiscing" radio files:

Download "We Do Hear You" radio files:

Download "Dads" radio files:

Download "Hora de Cenar" Spanish-language radio files:

Download live read radio scripts:

Download “Cooking with Grandma” radio files:

Print PSAs

Web Banners and Buttons

Use these web banners and buttons to promote "Talk. They Hear You." on your website.

web banners
Web Banners (ZIP | 2.5 MB) (Includes 728 px x 90 px, 300 px x 250 px, and 160 px x 600 px)

web buttons
Buttons (White and black text) (ZIP | 294 KB)

QR code image
QR Code (PNG | 1 KB)

Download all Web Banners, Buttons, and QR Code (ZIP | 2 MB)


Use these posters to promote "Talk. They Hear You."

Dinner Non Traditional - poster thumbnail
Dinner Non Traditional-Poster
Download (PDF | 8.1 MB)
Errands - poster thumbnail
Saturday Errands-Poster
Download (PDF | 335 KB)
Errands - Spanish poster thumbnail
Saturday Errands Spanish-Poster
Download (PDF | 346 KB)

Customizable Posters

Use these customizable posters to promote "Talk. They Hear You." by adding your logo or website.

Chores-customizable poster thumbnail
Download (PDF | 13.2 MB)
Dinner-customizable poster thumbnail
Download (PDF | 2.2 MB)
Dinner non-traditional -customizable poster thumbnail
Dinner Non Traditional-Customizable
Download (PDF | 6.9 MB)
Errands-customizable poster thumbnail
Saturday Errands-Customizable
Download (PDF | 256 KB)
Errands-customizable poster thumbnail in Spanish
Saturday Errands Spanish-Customizable
Download (PDF | 269 KB)
Shopping-customizable poster thumbnail
Download (PDF | 265 KB)
Last Updated: 10/05/2018