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Consumer/Peer Leader Nominations

Nominate consumer/peer/family leaders now for the 2018 Voice Awards!

Nominate Consumer/Peer/Family Leaders for 2018 Voice Awards

Do you know of a consumer, peer, or family leader who is educating the public about mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders? Nominate him/her for a 2018 Voice Award using the Consumer/Peer/Family Leader Nomination Form.

Specifically, the awards program is seeking to recognize individuals who have:

  • Personally demonstrated that recovery is real and possible through treatment and recovery supports;
  • Led efforts to reduce the negative public attitudes and misperceptions associated with behavioral health;
  • Made a positive impact on communities, workplaces, or schools; and
  • Promoted meaningful family involvement as an essential part of recovery.

NOTE: Only individuals who live and work in the United States are eligible for recognition.

All nominations are due by March 16.

Nominations are open to anyone. There is no limit to the number of nominations an individual can submit, and self-nominations are welcome.

The Voice Awards program defines "consumer/peer leader" as a person who has received or is receiving services for a mental illness and/or substance use disorder. It defines "family leader" as a family member who, with his/her loved ones, has championed recovery and addressed behavioral health in their community.

Last Updated: 01/12/2018