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Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Drug-Free workplace programs are comprehensive programs that address illicit drug use by federal employees and in federally regulated industries.

Federal Drug-Free Workplace Online Supervisor Training Course

The new Federal Drug Free Workplace Online Supervisor Training Course is now available! This training can also be found at our training section, along with other trainings as they become available. This course was designed to provide information to federal agency supervisors on the goals of the DFWP; the supervisors’ role related to the DFWP; recognizing workplace problems relating to illicit drug use; understanding drug testing and the drug testing program and process; implementing appropriate protocols to address illicit drug-related workplace issues; and supporting federal employees in need of DFWP assistance.

Telework and DFWP Drug Testing During COVID-19

Following COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, some federal agencies approved widespread telework arrangements. The Drug Free Workplace Program (DFWP) has received questions regarding these telework arrangements as related to drug testing requirements. DWP defers to federal agency leadership regarding the extent to which drug testing in conformance with the agency’s drug testing plan can be performed during periods when federal employees are required to telework. The DFWP highly recommends that agencies consult with their Office of Human Resources, Office of General Counsel and other appropriate offices prior to making telework related drug testing collection and testing decisions.

Learn about the legal requirements that can affect drug-free workplace policies and workplace drug testing.

The Drug-Free Workplace Toolkit provides step-by-step guidance for starting and maintaining drug-free workplace policies and programs.

The Division of Workplace Programs (DWP) provides oversight for the Federal Drug-free Workplace Program. DWP also oversees HHS-certified laboratories that perform drug testing for federal agencies and federally regulated industries.

Learn more about DWP.

Access drug-free workplace resources, including drug-testing information, guidelines for federal agencies, and a list of HHS-certified labs.

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