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Drug-Free Workplace Helpline

Call the Drug-Free Workplace Helpline at 1-800-WORKPLACE (967-5752) for free and confidential help with creating and maintaining drug-free workplace programs.

About the Helpline

The SAMHSA Drug-Free Workplace Helpline provides confidential, practical, impartial, and up-to-date information, advice, and support free of charge to employees and their families. Topics cover a wide range of issues related to federal and non-federal Drug-Free Workplace Programs and drug testing.

This service is designed to equip employees and their families with essential knowledge to resolve issues at work and/or in their personal lives. The helpline is staffed Monday through Friday by professional advisers, including workplace specialists and certified Employee Assistance Program (EAPs) providers.

Contact the Helpline

Toll-free number and email:

Last Updated: 02/04/2019