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Find Health Care or Support for Mental Health, Drugs, or Alcohol


Finding the right health care professional or program can take a lot of work. Here’s where to start.

Ask someone you trust for a recommendation

If you’re comfortable, ask your doctor, social worker, loved ones, or friends you trust if they know any health care professionals or programs for mental health or drug and alcohol use. This is often the easiest way to find an available health care professional or program. It can be helpful to talk to more than one person to get a recommendation because there are many types of support available.

Find health care professionals, programs, or support groups you want to reach out to

During your search, look for treatment or support that:

  • Accepts your insurance or offers free or low-cost services
  • Is taking new patients
  • Has open appointments or meetings that fit your schedule
  • Includes qualities that are important to you like a shared language or cultural background, gender, race or ethnicity, LGBTQ+ identity, disability, religious affiliation, or age

You might not find a perfect match right away, but look for a professional or program you could open up to as you work with them. Any relationship takes some time to build. Know the signs of quality care.

If the cost is keeping you from getting help, learn about how to pay for treatment or find free or low-cost options.

You can also learn about treatment specifically for alcohol use.

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Last Updated: 04/24/2023
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